The Ultimate Moving Checklist!

If the thought of moving is a stressful one for you, then you MUST read this post! We've summarised it in 6 simple steps!





Stevie Bell

The Ultimate Moving Checklist!

If the thought of moving is a stressful one for you, then you MUST read this post! We've summarised it in 6 simple steps!

Everything’s settled and you’re all ready to move into your brand new home (congratulations!), but now the reality sets in, it’s time to get your boxes out and pack up your things to make some new memories.
Moving can be an exhausting, emotional rollercoaster, but lucky for you the lovely team at Reliance Real Estate have planned your moving checklist for you!

Step 1. Plan your moving date.
First thing’s first, make sure the weather is ideal for moving. Which, if you live in Melbourne can be a bit tricky due to the whole ‘four seasons in one day’ thing, but make sure it’s not going to be excruciatingly hot or raining. The last thing you want is for all of your belongings to get soaked. Make sure you’ve set yourself enough time to pack everything ready to go.

Step 2. Plan your mover.
Whether you’re planning to hire a truck, professional movers or plan on saving some cash by borrowing a friend’s trailer, make sure to book that well in advance and make sure all parties are on the same. Make sure to do your research if hiring professional movers, gather quotes from a range of companies and decide which one is the best for your buck, who will also look after your belongings in the process. Confirm all bookings a week before your moving date! The last thing you want is for all your plans to unravel because the hire truck has you booked in for the wrong day, or your friend ‘forgot’ he was using his trailer that day.

Step 3. Create an Inventory of your belongings.
It’s a great idea to have an inventory of all your belongings that you plan on taking with you on your move. Not only does it allow you to keep track of your possessions during the moving process, but it is also a good idea for insurance purposes. This also gives you the chance to clean out your cupboards and throw away clothes you haven’t worn in months, or old blankets that haven’t been used for years (oops!)

Step 4. Set up utilities.
It’s a good idea to arrange to have your utilities set up roughly 48 hours before you move into your new home, in order to make your move as comfortable as possible. Also leave your utilities on in your old home until a couple days after your move, just in case you need to go back to collect your last lot of belongings.
Make sure to transfer your services across to your new address, such as your telephone, pay TV, internet and so on, and ensure to notify all relevant companies of your change of address so you don’t miss any bill payments or important letters.

Step 5. Let’s get packing!
Remember to have all your packing materials sorted, such as boxes, newspaper, bubble wrap etc. and start packing the non-essentials first. Try organizing each box so that you can clearly label it and know exactly what’s inside. This makes it easier when unpacking as you won’t have to go searching through every box to find what you need.
Quick Tip: Once all of your furniture is out, remember to come back the next day to clean up. You want to make a wonderful impression on whoever is going to move into your old home, so don’t forget to clean the floors, wipe down the walls and clean all kitchen appliances and the windows. If this is not your ‘cup-of-tea’, you’re more than welcome to hire someone to do it all for you.

Step 6. Pack your essentials
Another great idea is to pack your essentials and a change of clothes in a day bag so you don’t have to rummage through boxes to find what you need for the night and the next day.

You’ve done it! You’ve survived the day that you thought you wouldn’t be able to get through!
Now all that’s left is to unpack your things and check that inventory to ensure you have everything you need.
It’s time to enjoy your new home and create some memories to last a lifetime.
Have fun!

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