Top 3 Tips for Purchasing Rural Land

October 25, 2019

1.Have a realistic expectation

Make sure you have a realistic expectation of living in Rural and do a thorough research about the use of land surrounding your property. Most of Rural Victoria is busy with agriculture that can impact neighbouring properties and affect residential amenity such as odours, noise, dust and smoke. So, it is very important that you should be prepared to experience them.

2.Be informed

You may or you may not want to be friendly with your neighbours, but it is crucial to be informed that living together in Rural comes down to having reasonable expectations of how the land in your neighbourhood is used. All new rural residents, existing rural residents and commercial producers have an equal right to live, work and enjoy rural but equally, each one needs to understand the rules when it comes to the use of land in rural areas.

3.Consider options for managing your land impacts

Consider whether any identified impacts from surrounding your land area need taken actions. Such as planting wind breaks and vegetative buffers can often reduce noise, dust, visual impacts, and sometimes odours, but be realistic with the outcome and don’t rely on action from your neighbours.

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