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Ashley Gates: A Luminary in Property Management

April 16, 2024

Dive deep into the world of property management with Ashley Gates, a seasoned expert with an illustrious 15-year track record in real estate. Our exclusive Meet The Agent series with Ashley unveils the essence of her success and offers a roadmap to navigate the intricate lanes of property management. Here’s what we gleaned from our conversation: 


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into Real Estate?

“I’m a proud mum of three. I started on my journey with Reliance Real Estate after having been in the real estate industry for a decade and a half. My inspiration came from working with my dad, when I helped run his business. This is where I got my passion for property management.”  


Q: What does Property Management mean to you?

“I get extreme joy from property management, from shaping lasting relationships and empowering both rental providers and renters. Helping team growth is so inspiring to me. The joy of witnessing renters become property owners is so exciting and fulfilling to me. Assisting people to find their home is something I just love.”  


Q: How do you become successful in Property Management?

“To be successful in property management you must have excellent communication.  Confronting challenges directly, avoids an unnecessary mess; nurturing ties with both rental stakeholders, and establishing transparent communication lines with tradespeople are my golden rules. These relationships help immensely with property management. My advice is to always tackle issues head on.”


Q: What are some of your significant milestones?

“Helping the Junior members in the offices is a passion of mine. My mentorship role, particularly towards budding talents within the office, stands out as a career highlight. I cherish the friendship and support at Reliance, pushing me to contribute as much as I can to the team’s elevation.” 


Q: What’s a moment that stands out to you?

“When I was working in a family environment, I remember I’d receive heart-warming gifts of appreciation from clients during the holiday seasons.  It’s the same now. There is a family aura weaving its magic at Reliance Real Estate.” 

Ashley’s transition to Reliance Real Estate is evidence to the company’s adaptability and unwavering support – a blend that ensured she seamlessly combined her professional aspirations with personal commitments. 


Q: What would you say to new Property Manager’s coming into Reliance?

“To any new recruits stepping into real estate, I would say, align with people that display healthy mentorship and support frameworks. The wisdom provided by seasoned peers will lift you up, propelling you towards a successful real estate career path.” 


Horizon Gazing:

Looking forward, Ashley envisions herself more in the role of a mentor, guiding emerging property managers through thick and thin. At the same time, she’s committed to fine-tuning Reliance Real Estate’s protocols to nurture new entrants. 

Ashley Gates isn’t just a property management expert; she embodies the spirit of mentorship and collaboration. Her profound insights and unwavering commitment to nurturing talents make her an invaluable asset to Reliance Real Estate and an inspiration for those at the beginning of their property management career. 


Click to watch ‘Meet the Agent’ series with Ashley Gates here. 



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