Deep Dive into Real Estate Success: In Conversation with Vik Monga & Pratik Shah

October 17, 2023

Welcome to our exclusive conversation with two stars within the real estate industry – Vik Monga and Pratik Shah. As they detail their paths from accounting desks to brick-and-mortar dreams, their insights and guidance could be the beacon for those eyeing a career in real estate. 


Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Vik: “I worked in construction back in India. After moving to Australia, I obtained my Master’s in Accounting, and carved a successful career as an accountant, before going on to run a small retail business for five years. However, I felt the call of the real estate industry, where I have worked for the last seven years.” 



Vik’s journey underscores the reality that it’s never too late to embrace change and pursue your passion. Vik first approached Reliance in 2011, however was considered too overqualified, but Real Estate was his focus and his determination paid off, when he finally joined Reliance in 2016.  


Pratik: “For me, real estate wasn’t just another job switch; it was a chance to engage deeply with people’s aspirations, dreams, and emotions. I received my Postgraduate in Accounting and Masters in Professional Accounting. As an accountant, the numbers told a story, but in real estate, those stories were lived and felt.” 


Pratik has undertaken many jobs, which include Foxtel, owning a franchise business, Lord of the Fries, before moving to Real Estate. Pratik loves helping people achieve their goals and their future, thriving off their happiness.  


Q: What does it take to build success without a sales background?

Vik: “Success doesn’t come overnight. Its takes consistency, disciplined prospecting, and daily activity that constructs the foundation of a formidable client base. My advice is to be patient; do your best work.”   

Pratik:For those new to the game, my advice is to adopt a long-term perspective, set crystal clear goals, and, importantly, find a mentor to illuminate the path.”  


Q: What is your one highlight or achievement?

Pratik: “In 2017 I conducted an auction that achieved far over the asking price. I then went on to become the number one agent four years in a row.”   




Q: What would you say to those who want to become Real Estate Agents?

Pratik: “For a new entrant in the world of real estate, there needs to be long term goals. See yourself in the future. I have three golden rules – prioritise learning, wear your humility on your sleeve, and never underestimate the power of mentorship. I utilise this every day.”  

Vik: Be open to the world’s possibilities. Harness diligence and hard work, craft a compelling vision for your future, and don’t forget to lean on platforms, like the Reliance sales training, for seasoned mentorship. When you start with a new company, you start from zero. Look for a long-term vision. Prospecting and talking to people will build a great database. Work hard. Keep your mind open. Have 6 months-12 months game plan.”  



Charting the Future: Goals for 2023 & Beyond

Both Vik and Pratik are agents of vision. Their ambitions for the upcoming years include growing their team with enthusiastic individuals and ramping up their project tally to an impressive 150. Beyond the numbers, they harbor a profound commitment to uplift the community. Sharing knowledge and assisting individuals in realising their real estate aspirations are close to their hearts. 


The journey of Vik Monga and Pratik Shah is more than a tale of two professionals in the real estate arena. It stands as an indication to dedication, resilience, and vision. Their stories inspire and remind us of the limitless potential within each one of us when we combine passion with purpose. Click to watch ‘Meet the Agent’ series with Vik and Praktik here.


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