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Pioneers in Real Estate: An Exclusive Insight with Bilal Ali & Milan Neotane 

April 16, 2024

In our ongoing Meet The Agent series, we are honoured to spotlight two professionals in the real estate industry – Bilal Ali and Milan Neotane. Their journey, marked by determination and relentless pursuit of excellence, offers a treasure trove of inspiration and guidance for aspiring professionals. 


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself:

Bilal: “I came to Australia in 2014, to complete my master’s in Engineering and Management. I started my career in IT, working in a corporate environment. From engineering to real estate, I then made the shift to break income barriers and ensure a successful future for my family.” 

Bilal tries not to compromise family time on Sunday, where he ensures he spends time with his four-year-old son. Bilal started with Reliance January 2021, where he learned to create a solution focussed mindset, to stay calm and dominate the marketplace.  

Milan: “I arrived in Australia in 2016. Beginning as an international student, I then went on to become a door-to-door salesperson. I saw great potential in real estate and vowed to stand out.” 

Milan set a goal of top 10 agents, believing hard work and consistency would get him there. Family is so important to Milan; therefore, he strives for balance between work and family life. 


Q: What drew you to Real Estate?

Bilal: “The prospect of good earnings with great people-based interactions, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic. After a lot of research, I started to look for an organisation that would provide a great professional career, and a company that would align with my own values.”  

Bilal believes, anyone looking to join real estate must have the long-term vision. Hard work and consistency will pay off.  

Milan: “Real Estate wasn’t just about financial rewards; it was the joy and transformation I could bring to my clients’ lives that truly resonated with me.” 

Milan’s advice to anyone looking to join real estate, is to build relationships. Everyone you meet can be a potential client. He believes the key to success is doorknocking and consistent communication with your clients.  


Q: What does Real Estate mean to you?

Milan: “Real estate is more than just transactions. For me, it symbolises a unique achievement, the joy of assisting clients in actualising their dreams.”

Milan underscores the pivotal role of mentorship and training in overcoming industry hurdles. With the right guidance, fears and challenges transform into steppingstones. 

Bilal remembers an early career triumph. “I secured an exclusive listing and managed to sell a property within a week, passing all my expectations.” 


Q: How do you achieve success?

Milan attributes a significant part of his success trajectory to Reliance. “The unwavering support, and elite training, empowered me to create a solid client network and gain dominant market position, through relentless hard work and genuine relationship-building.” 


Setting Their Sights on Tomorrow:

Both Bilal and Milan harbor robust aspirations for 2023 and beyond. Their vision encompasses significant market penetration, emphasising both team and business expansion. Looking ahead to growth in the business as well as in the market; currently holding 40-50% of the market share and are looking to grow to 60-70%. The team is very positive this will be achieved.  

In essence, the tales of Bilal Ali and Milan Neotane aren’t just success stories; they are demonstrations of the transformative power of ambition and persistence in the realm of real estate. Their achievements underscore the infinite possibilities that await those who dare to dream and work tirelessly towards their goals.


Click to watch ‘Meet the Agent’ series with Bilal and Milan here. 


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