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Rise to Excellence: The Annual Reliance Launchpad Event 2024

February 12, 2024

Opening Keynote: Sunil Kumar Sets the Stage

The day began with an air of anticipation as teams gathered at Westwaters in Caroline Springs for the Reliance Annual Launchpad event on February 7, 2024. The atmosphere was one of anticipation and excitement as our esteemed CEO, Sunil Kumar, took the stage to deliver the opening keynote. Sunil’s address was nothing short of inspiring as he provided a comprehensive review of 2023 and offered a glimpse into the promising future of 2024. Highlights included the introduction of the Reliance Monthly Companywide Update and notable successes in Sales, Rental, and community activities. The unveiling of the Reliance Theme for 2024, “Rise: The Future of Reliance Excellence,” set the tone for the day ahead. Sunil left attendees with a powerful message, urging them to identify and overcome distractions hindering their personal and professional growth. 

Unlocking Productivity: Insights from Michael Sheargold

Following Sunil’s address, attendees dove into breakout sessions led by industry experts. Business Coach, Michael Sheargold’s session on optimising productivity was a highlight of the day. Using the ‘My lifetime’ Model’. Michael guided teams through the process of maximising their daily hours. Attendees gained valuable insights into efficiency versus effectiveness and identified common time-wasting habits. The session concluded with teams drafting their personalised 10-point plans for success, setting the stage for personal and professional growth. 


Mastering Habits: Lessons from Michael Furlong

Meanwhile, Rent Roll Maximiser Michael Furlong shared his expertise on the ‘7 Habits of a Highly Effective and Successful Property Manager.’ PM teams benefited immensely from Michael’s insights into implementing good habits, managing work-life balance, and setting clear goals. Attendees left the session equipped with actionable strategies to excel in their roles and achieve their professional goals. 


Rising to Excellence: Wisdom from Drew Ginn

After a delightful lunch courtesy of the Westwaters team, Olympian and General Manager Drew Ginn took the stage to share his wisdom on achieving peak performance. Drew’s engaging presentation blended the disciplines of sports and business seamlessly, leaving attendees inspired to elevate their game. Drew’s easy and charismatic nature set the room at immediate ease, while he showed us how to shift our mindset to one of discipline; to analyse what it takes to be an Olympian mindset; to go from a ‘9 to a 10’ and for us to work out what our ‘gold medal’ is. His emphasis on mindset shift and striving for excellence resonated deeply with the audience, setting the stage for personal and professional growth. 

Embracing the Future: Sunil Kumar’s Closing Remarks

As the day drew to a close, Sunil Kumar returned to the stage to leave attendees feeling empowered and ready to tackle new challenges. The overarching theme of ‘Rise’ echoed throughout the event, inspiring everyone to embrace growth and excellence in the year ahead. With hearts full of inspiration and minds buzzing with new ideas, attendees left the Reliance Annual Launchpad event feeling energised and motivated. 


A Day to Remember

The Reliance Launchpad event was truly a day to remember, thanks to the dedication and passion of everyone involved. As we embrace the future with enthusiasm and determination, we rise together to new heights of excellence. A heartfelt thank you to all who made this event possible, and here’s to an exciting journey of growth and success in 2024 and beyond!  

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