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Local Heroes Share Their Stories: Dent2Mint

April 15, 2024

Welcome to Reliance’s ‘Meet the Locals’ blog series, where we uncover the hidden gems of our community. We’re excited to turn the spotlight on Dent2Mint, a thriving local business servicing Craigieburn and its surrounding areas. Join us as we delve into the journey of Dent2Mint, discovering the passion, dedication, and innovation behind its success. 


Crafting Success: The Journey of an Automotive Repair Entrepreneur 

Maher Putrus has been repairing automotives for over 15 years. In 2020, Maher decided to start his own business, as he knew he could succeed due to the passion for what he does. Thankfully, with the support of his wife, and family, Maher was able to do just that, and business has been fantastic.  

“I enjoy what I do and love helping others.” 


On-the-Go Convenience: The Strategy Behind a Mobile Automotive Repair Service 

Having no location set, Dent2Mint travels to repair customer’s cars/caravans at their convenience. Providing a mobile service, whether it’s home, work or anywhere else they may need the service to be. 

“I feel that this is very convenient for those who work and cannot find time to go to a repair shop, and spend hours waiting, or maybe even having to leave their car there overnight. This way, customers do not need to take the day off work, nor do they need to find another way to go to work without their vehicle.” 


Accelerated Growth: A Testament to Customer Referrals and Corporate Partnerships

When Dent2Mint first started, like many new businesses, it was a slow start. Things picked up very fast and quickly became busy, due to existing customers recommendations to their extended family and friends. Dent2Mint was also able to make deals with other companies, including caravan companies, contracting to provide services for their repairs. 


Community Care: Restoring Peace of Mind, One Repair at a Time

Many people love, and treasure, their vehicles, so when small damages happen, it can be very upsetting, especially trying to find time in our busy lives to organise having damages repaired. Being one call away, with affordable prices, and the convenience of bringing the service to the customer, Dent2Mint allows their customers peace of mind for getting their vehicle repaired affordably with a high-quality service and a smooth process. 


Driving Growth: Expanding Horizons and Upholding Excellence 

In the future, Maher wishes to expand his business to include more vans servicing the area. He ensures that anyone who joins Dent2Mint will provide nothing other than the highest customer service and the best quality repairs. 


Navigating Entrepreneurship: Insights for Starting and Scaling Your Venture

“Set clear goals and measure your progress towards them. Start small but think big. Take advice but be cautious about who it’s from (take it from people with a vested interest in your success or people who have already been where we are trying to go). Take intelligent risks: most people are inclined to pursue convention, so the bigger risk you take, the bigger your competitive advantage will be.” 



Our connections run deep within our company culture; we are active and passionate about celebrating and promoting the communities where we live and work. Join us as we spotlight our cherished local individuals, landmarks, and the extraordinary heroes we proudly stand behind.


Find Dent2Mint @dent2mint to follow their journey of automotive repair. Now providing mobile services in Craigieburn and its surrounding areas. 

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