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Local Heroes Share Their Stories: Little Growling Cafe

December 13, 2023

In the heart of Wyndham Vale, a charming suburb nestled in a vibrant multicultural community, stands a unique establishment that brings together the culinary expertise of Chef Divyang, and the creative flair of an event stylist. Little Growling Cafe is more than just a café; it’s a testament to the power of passion; collaboration, and community. 




Little Growling Cafe Owes Its Existence to the Shared Dreams of a Husband-and-Wife Duo

Divyang, an accomplished chef, and his wife an event stylist, yearned for a space where their individual talents could converge. With a vision in mind, they embarked on a journey to create a place where exceptional culinary experiences and captivating aesthetics would intertwine seamlessly. 


Selecting Wyndham Vale as the home for their business was a natural choice for the passionate duo. They recognised the suburb’s increasing growth; the development of new schools, and the emergence of a spirited town centre. The fact they themselves were residents of the area made it easier to forge a strong connection with the community they sought to serve. 


Little Growling Cafe has accomplished significant milestones during its five-year journey. Within three years, they expanded their presence by opening a second café in Wyndham Vale. Additionally, they actively engage with the community through a variety of events such as Makers Markets, flower and candle workshops. By providing a platform for local talent to showcase their skills, the café has become a hub for fostering connections, and growth, within the community. Notably, their Mumbai toastie has garnered numerous accolades, earning a well-deserved reputation as a must-try item. 




Little Growling Cafe Takes Great Pride in Contributing to and Supporting the Local Community

Beyond the café itself, the journey of Little Growling Cafe has led to unexpected opportunities. The establishment’s involvement in the Tarneit Business Association and the Tarneit Revitalisation Board has granted them the chance to collaborate with fellow businesses and organise remarkable events such as ‘Firefly’ and ‘Meet Me in Tarneit’, in partnership with the government. Little Growling Cafe continues to thrive and evolve, driven by a passion for exceptional experiences and a commitment to community engagement. 


Looking ahead, the dedicated team behind Little Growling Cafe envisions expansion into other western suburbs of Melbourne. With new development projects on the horizon, their goal is to establish the Little Growling Cafe brand as a cherished local institution throughout the region. By continuing to create memorable culinary experiences and fostering community connections, they aim to become a source of pride for the Western community. 




Inspiration for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

To the up-and-coming entrepreneur, contemplating their own business ventures, the owners of Little Growling Cafe offer a valuable piece of advice: embrace the initial fear of failure, but allow your passion to drive you forward. Success comes from unwavering dedication and the willingness to put in the hard work necessary to achieve your goals. Being your own boss and witnessing your dreams flourish is a reward that surpasses any challenges faced along the way. 


With a passion for excellence and a commitment to the local community, Little Growling Cafe stands as a testament to the power of combining culinary artistry and creative styling within a warm and inviting environment. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to the local community, this café has become more than just a place to enjoy delicious food and an exquisite aesthetic; it is a hub for connection, growth, and the celebration of talent. As the Little Growling Cafe brand expands its footprint, the Western community can proudly claim it as their own—a local gem that exemplifies the spirit of collaboration, passion, and success. 


Building Strong Connections and Promoting Communities Where We Live and Work

Our connections run deep within our company culture; we are active and passionate about celebrating and promoting the communities where we live and work. Reliance ‘Meet the Locals’ series, celebrates the unique qualities of our community, a showcase of local business heroes where we foster a sense of pride and inspire with a shine of spotlight. 


Find Little Growling Cafe at: 180 Davis Rd, Tarneit VIC 3029 

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