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Celebrating Excellence: Reliance Annual Awards Event 2023 Unveils Outstanding Achievements 

December 18, 2023

The much-anticipated Reliance Annual Awards Event 2023 unfolded in grandeur at the Pearl Room of Ultima Function Centre. This extraordinary evening brought together the entire Reliance team and their partners to celebrate outstanding achievements and the strong sense of community that defines the ethos of Reliance. Let’s take a closer look at the remarkable individuals and teams who were honored for their exemplary contributions. 



Office Coordinator of the Year

The Office Coordinator of the Year award recognises an individual who goes above and beyond, someone who ensures the smooth operation of our office and enhances the overall work environment.
Winner: Aytan Poulis, Reliance Craigieburn  


Support of the Year

Support of the Year award recognises someone who goes the extra mile to uplift and assist their colleagues, making the entire team stronger.
Winner: Phoebe Wain, Reliance Commercial

Property Manager Rookie of the Year (0-12months)

This award acknowledges individuals who have shown exceptional promise and dedication in their first year on the job.
Winner: Ashleigh Owens, Reliance Point Cook
Winner: Tayla McCluskey, Reliance Werribee  


Most New Managements Award/BDM of the Year

The Most New Managements Award, as well as the Business Development Manager of the Year, goes to a team and individual who has gone above and beyond, bringing in an outstanding number of new managements to their office’s rent roll.
Winner: Andrea Picone & Reliance Point Cook: 150 New Managements


Property Manager of the Year

This prestigious accolade recognises individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, exceptional skills, and a commitment to excellence in the field of property management.
Winner: Ahmed Aloub, Reliance Sunbury
Winner: Vita Wibianty, Reliance Point Cook


Property Management Team of the Year

The Property Management Team of the Year award goes to a group that has shown exceptional collaboration, dedication, and success in managing our properties.
Winner: Reliance Point Cook

Sales Rookie of the Year (12 months or less)

The Sales Rookie of the Year (12 months or less) award is a special honor, acknowledging someone who has quickly made an impact in the world of real estate sales. This award goes to someone with exceptional promise from their first year in sales.
Winner: Bobby Singh, Reliance Werribee
Winner: Ajay Sharma, Reliance Melton

Sales Assistant/Support of the Year

Recognises the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes, providing invaluable support to our sales team. The Sales Assistant/Support of the Year award goes to an individual who has shown exceptional dedication and contribution to the success of our sales efforts.
Winner: Annalisha Andrews, Reliance Manor Lakes
Winner: Aim Gautam, Reliance Craigieburn  


Top Salesperson

The Top Salesperson award is the highest honor, recognising the outstanding performance and dedication of an individual who has gone above and beyond.
Winner – Sunil Gera, Reliance Melton


Top Super Team of the Year  

3rd – Team Pratik  

3rd – Team Bilal/Milan
2nd  – Team Mukesh
2nd  Team Sandy

1st – Team Luke 


The “Bhai” of the Year

We turn our attention to a category that recognizes someone who goes beyond the workplace, creating a sense of family and brotherhood among us—the “Bhai” of Reliance. This award is for someone who is not just a colleague but a true brother to all. The “Bhai” of Reliance award for this year goes to…
Winner – Abhi Elawadhi, Reliance Tarneit

Core Value Award – Empowering Leadership

The Empowering Leadership Award goes to an individual who has not only demonstrated exceptional leadership but has empowered and uplifted those around them.
Winner – Ashlee Scibberas, Reliance Melton
Winner – Boris Peters, Funding Force

Core Value Award – Passion for Excellence

The Passion for Excellence Award is given to an individual who embodies our commitment to delivering nothing but the best.
Winner: Atul Abrol, Support Centre
Winner: Rosabella Chan, Reliance Point Cook

Core Value Award – Client’s First Award

The Client’s First Award is dedicated to an individual who consistently goes above and beyond to put our clients at the forefront of everything they do.
Winner: Hitesh Arora, Reliance Craigieburn
Winner: Amy Nair, Reliance Tarneit

Core Value Award – Embracing Growth

The Embracing Growth Award is given to someone who consistently seeks opportunities for personal and professional development, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
Winner: Nikola Tosic, Reliance Caroline Springs
Winner: Gourav Budhwan, Reliance Tarneit
Winner: Aman Haryani, Reliance Commercial


The “Hugging Monster” of Reliance

Now, let’s turn our attention to a category that adds a touch of warmth and affection to our workplace—the “Hugging Monster” of Reliance. This award goes to someone who has mastered the art of spreading love, one hug at a time. He is known for greeting everyone—team members, clients —with a warm hug, whether they want it or not!
Winner: Pratik Shah, Reliance Werribee

Directors Recognition Award

The Directors Recognition Award is not confined to a specific category but is a celebration of someone whose contributions have touched various aspects of our company. This award goes to individuals who have made a significant impact in the business.
Winner: Karan Kamboj, Reliance Craigieburn
Winner: Taimoor Sajid, Reliance Tarneit  

Mortgage Broker of the Year

The Mortgage Broker of the Year Award goes to someone who has demonstrated unparalleled expertise, dedication, and commitment to helping our clients navigate the complex world of mortgages. 

Winner: Vishal Jain, Funding Force

Office of the Year

The Office of the Year Award encompasses excellence in sales, operations, and rentals, showcasing an office that has consistently excelled in every aspect of our business.
Winner: Reliance Point Cook


It was a night of celebration, joy and much dancing. And as the curtains close on the Reliance Annual Awards Event 2023, the echoes of applause and cheers linger in the air, resonating with the spirit of excellence that defines our remarkable team. We not only celebrated the achievements of outstanding individuals and teams but also witnessed the embodiment of Reliance’s core values. Each winner and nominee have contributed to the tapestry of success that is the essence of Reliance. As we bask in the glow of this grand celebration, we look forward to another year of innovation, dedication, and unparalleled achievements that will undoubtedly shape the future of real estate. Congratulations to all the winners and here’s to another year of reaching new heights together! 

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