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From the Ground up, 7 Principles for building a Business Fast Book Launch

September 28, 2021

On the 10 of September, our very own CEO, Sunil Kumar, hosted the launch of his second book, From the Ground up, 7 Principles for building a Business Fast. The event was originally prepared as a wonderful, networking, face-to-face, event, however due to ongoing lockdown restrictions that Melbourne was facing at the time, it was redesigned as an online Webinar. 

Hosting an online event at the last minute was a challenge, but the team was up for it, and amazing results were achieved. Aside from a brief, zoom ‘technical difficulty’ incident, the event that followed was an amazing success.   

Kulbir Cam, of Cam Studios, filmed the launch, via a professional, tech set up with cameras, computers, lights and gadgets, that kept the entire presentation looking sharp and gave it the wow factor. Also working behind the scenes was Sunil’s team, his Executive Assistant Megan Green, and Personal Assistant Mariah Sdregas, who were on hand to ensure every aspect, any potential challenge, and moral support were covered off.  

John Cunningham, of Cunninghams Real Estate, considered a person of great integrity and highly respected within the industry, introduced Sunil with a rousing tribute to Sunil’s incredible journey and esteemed real estate career, asking thoughtful and insightful questions that provided a fantastic rapport and entertaining opening to the launch.  

Sunil gave a wonderful opening speech that welcomed the 130+ attendees with thanks and gratitude. “Everything is hard before it’s easy…” Sunil said. “I am my own limitations. But in the process of writing this book, it was like peeling an onion, layer after layer, my limitations became less.” With strong messages around ‘seeing your work as a service’, and ‘the real reward is what you become’, it was clear attendees were witnessing a leader of the times, with a great philosophy and a generosity underpinning the very foundation of his teachings. “He really does walk the talk and really cares about his people,” stated one attendee.  

Reading specially chosen extracts from the book, Sunil looked relaxed and like he was enjoying himself. James Redfern, Director at Marshall White Real Estate, a man of great integrity, and sheer professionalism, interviewed Sunil, a fabulous interaction led by James’ respectful and intelligent manner, with both Sunil and James forming a bond of mutual respect as James took Sunil through the book writing process and the moments that truly stood out.  

Before the event wrapped up, an exciting auction was held by Manny Zennelli from EYS Auctions resulted in an unbelievable $24,600 being raised for the Reliance Foundation, with 50% of proceeds going towards educating underprivileged children in India.  

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