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Reliance Werribee welcome new directors and rent roll acquisition

August 23, 2021

Our incredible agents Vik Monga and Pratik Shah will be working together as a joint directorship in the Reliance Werribee office. Both agents are highly skilled, motivated, committed and knowledgeable which make them excellent leaders for our Werribee team, both agents are thrilled and excited to take on this joint role and are bringing years of experience in the industry to the table. 

Vik and Pratik are valued team members of Reliance Real Estate, and both carry amazing values, leadership and determination. With their hard work and dedication, we know that Vik and Pratik will use their incredible leadership skills, leading their team to further success, we are beyond excited to see what this team can achieve in the next 6 months. 

With Vik Monga already leading the Werribee office, Pratik Shah will be moving from our award winning Tarneit office to fulfil this new role. Working as a great team the pair have gained a great opportunity, acquiring a new rent roll of 263 properties, taking Werribee’s rental portfolio to a total of 535 properties. 

The pair is more confident and are exploring more opportunities in near future to see what else in in the market to enhance our brand and our share in real estate.  

Vik is very excited about the new rent roll opportunity and has stated.
“It is a very exciting experience to acquire this rent roll, we worked well together as a team and was very well synchronised, and strategically this will enhance our branding and our marketing in property management as well as sales soon. This gives us a lot of exposure and gives us a lot of strength together and our presence will definitely increase in the market” 

Reliance Real Estate Werribee won the agency of the year 2021, Top 100 Ausralian agencies and many more awards given across all Reliance offices in 2021. 


A huge congratulations to Vik Monga and Pratik Shah, for this incredible opportunity they have taken on, and a massive thank you for all the hard work throughout the years.

Nothing is impossible! 




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