Pulling On Our Socks in Support of People Experiencing Breast Cancer

July 26, 2021

Founded in August 2016, The Reliance Foundation will see its fifth year of operation in less than one month, and with that, thousands of dollars, and an abundance of awareness has been raised, all in support of charities of varying causes. 

The Reliance Foundation was established through the motivation and inspiration of the Reliance Employees, endeavoring to contribute back to their esteemed community.  The Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation aiming to make a difference through varying means. We are proud supporters of schools of the local community, we are actively involved in sponsoring communal events and organisations, and actively participating in fundraisers.  

With the recent eighteen months constituting of a multitude of Lockdowns, and the harsh impacts of Coronavirus, gathering as one to endorse our beloved charity organisations and fundraisers proved challenging. Nevertheless, we jumped at the opportunity to get back to something we, as an association, value and hold dear to our hearts.  

On the 25th of June, the Reliance Team banded together to support a charity close numerous team members. We pulled on our pink socks, immersed ourselves in pink clothing, and gathered as one to support and fundraise for the McGrath Breast Care Nurses.  

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is life changing; often in ways you could not imagine. The impacts of these unprecedented changes can be felt not only in yourself, but amongst family and friends. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, the diagnosis, treatment, and the disease can take over your life, and the lives of your loved ones.  

The McGrath Breast Care Nurses enable peace of mind to breast cancer patients, and their support network, through expert knowledge, personal care, and genuine compassion. From diagnosis right throughout treatment, McGrath Breast Care Nurses are available to assist individuals and their families.  

The Team at Reliance ensured this special day of fundraising was celebrated and embraced. Each office gathered in differing ways to raise funds. Morning teas, shared lunches, and trivia were a few of the ways the offices joined together to celebrate a cause every member is passionate about, and raise as much money as possible.  

As a company, Reliance aimed to raise $2,000.00 towards the McGrath Breast Care Nurses. We are beyond excited to report that the members of Reliance Real Estate contributed an astounding $3,684.00. This money will go directly to the nurses who selflessly support and care for breast cancer patients and their families.  

We are beyond proud of the efforts that all the team at Reliance have contributed. To be able to give back to an admirable cause has re-amplified The Reliance Foundation, and inspired the team to continue to donate and raise awareness for valuable associations.



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