About Kamlesh

Kamlesh grew up in a real estate family in India. He studied Master of engineering at Swinburne University, proceeded to work in a fast upscale environment with extensive retail sales experience.

Kamlesh was destined for success when he opted to pursue his career in real estate. Real estate is a much more challenging and rewarding sales environment than retail. The ongoing communication and negotiation it involves with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Kamlesh believes most important things in life are, family, friends and healthy relationships. Consequently, the aspect of real estate that Kamlesh most enjoys is establishing and maintaining a good relationship with his clients.

With his professionalism of integrity and loyalty always coming first, he is devoted to taking the time to listen and learn about clients needs, wants and desires also studying the market to help clients when buying or selling by using very innovative marketing plans and buying/selling techniques

Clients choose to work with Kamlesh for his full service firm, ethics, experience, expertise and his vision. Kamlesh’s extensive knowledge of Melbourne’s west residential real estate market is unparalleled. His clients have consistently sought his advice and trusted his judgement on deals. Kamlesh prides himself on giving all of his clients, both individual and institutional, the most precise and up - to date feedback on the state of the market.

In addition to the sales of single-family homes Kamlesh has also been the exclusive marketing agent for developers on the development projects. Kamlesh’s strengths lie in creatively analysing, negotiating, marketing and problem solving. He is an excellent listener and communicator, with an abundance of patience and enthusiasm. He is meticulously guides clients through each step of the buying or selling process, and proactively addresses concern and questions.

Fortunately, he can always be counted upon to support the kids and this often helps him to donate in Oncology Children’s Foundation and Mercy Health Foundation also that motivates him to run for kids every year.

Away from real estate when time permits, Kamlesh enjoys spending time with his family and friends exploring Melbourne’s diverse culture and sampling our local cuisine. He is a mad sport enthusiast so whether watching or participating, he is actively involved in playing Cricket, Tennis and running Half Marathon twice a year in Melbourne and he loves to keep a fit and healthy mind and body.