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Home Is Where Our Pets Are: Reliance Celebrates Love Your Pet Day

January 16, 2024

February 20th, National Love Your Pet Day – This day serves as a reminder for us to appreciate and show love to our animal friends who bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. A national day that is set aside for us to pamper and pay extra attention to our special buddy pet friend, who has provided us with unconditional love and affection every day.  

According to RSPCA,   

There are currently an estimated 28.7 million pets in Australia, and we have one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world. Approximately 69% of households in Australia own pets, with dogs being the most common (48%) and followed by cats (33%).  

Love Your Pet Day is celebrated to strengthen the bond between animals and humans around the world. Some of the fun simple ways to celebrate could be scheduling some extra playtime, spoiling your pet with a toy, or even making some tasty treats!  

In honour of our faithful companions, we have dedicated a fun photo session to honour and celebrate love for them together. We hope this will put a smile on the face of all the animal lovers out there. 


“Meet Alfie, a.k.a Alfington, Alfredo, Alf. He is the fluffy Spoodle assistant to our General Manager, Stevie Bell. You will often see him on zoom calls, wearing a Reliance scarf or being cheeky and eating his mum’s work heels. Alfie loves helping the Reliance team, his favourite memory is being an actor in the Culture video with Aunty Claire. He is self-appointed C.E.D – Chief Executive Doggo.” 

Stevie Bell, General Manager, Reliance Head Office 


“Her name is Orie and she’s 8 years old! I love my Little Senior Pig noises! Aww… Super cute.” Orie is a little senior guinea pig to our Reliance Tarneit office coordinator, Jaye. 

Jaye Hyne, Office Coordinator, Reliance Tarneit  


Meet the cheeky bossy Boss to our Recruitment Coordinator, Kristen Koroneos. “He is a 4 months old Doberman, and a landscaper by trade. His very first successful project was ripping up the olive tree. He enjoys living by personal décor around the house.”

Kristen Koroneos, Recruitment Coordinator, Reliance Head Office 


Meet Molly with her bestie Tin Tin on a playdate. 

Sunil Gera, Sales Professional, Reliance Melton 


Rocco is an adorable pugalier to our Head of Rental Department, Sanchit Walia. He will be turning 10 in 2 weeks time (as when we are writing this). “Rocco most look forward activity of the week is Sunday Snuggles. His favorite hobby is being hungry 24/7”. 

Sanchit Walia, Head of Rental Department, Reliance Head Office


“Buddy is a golden retriever, and he is most proud of how big he is! Buddy enjoys swimming at the beach and most importantly he loves stealing from dad’s plate at dinner time. The time when Buddy is the cheekiest would be at bedtime, he would much rather take up all the room on the bed instead of sleeping on his own bed. Buddy absolutely loves playtime and is happy to become friends with anybody that comes his way.”

Tayla McCluskey, Property Manager, Reliance Werribee 


Meet Megan, Tinks and Kitty.  

“Tinks is a one-year-four months old black & white rag doll and has transitioned from fierce ball of fluff, to scaredy-cat to a happy pretend outdoor but is really indoor cat. She thinks she could survive on the outside, but we all know she can’t.  

Kitty is a one-year-old hood-rat, a tabby rescued from a back yard; she’s tough and tiny. She believes she should be living the life of an alley cat. 

Both like pats.” 

Megan, Executive Assistant to CEO, Reliance Head Office 


“Hello World!  I am Toby, I am five years old Maltichon to Ambika Sharma, but I am still a puppy when it comes to playing or play dates. I am a very gentle, affectionate, intelligent, responsive and trusting dog. I enjoy being around the family, other pets and people, I am very lively, playful and enjoy learning tricks. I love performing tricks for treats. I’m super affectionate! I love to lay my head on your lap, give kisses, and snuggle next to you on the couch.” 

Ambika Sharma, PM Coordinator, Reliance Head Office 

Thank you to all Reliance team members who have shared their cute photos with us!  

In Australia, 63% of households have at least one pet, making it one of the highest pet ownership rates in the entire world. Unfortunately, some still struggle to find a pet-friendly home, despite the popularity of pet ownership. If you have pets in your family, you’ll want to take them into account when you’re looking to buy or rent a house.  

Speak to us today, we’ll help you find the perfect pet-friendly home and neighbourhood for you. 


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