How To Have A COVID Safe Halloween

October 29, 2020

As we spring into a new season of weather and festivities we must ensure we are staying safe and following the restrictions the best we can whilst still enjoying ourselves.

Halloween is a time for families and children to enjoy themselves by creating costumes, decorating, trick or treating, and cooking. Halloween may have to be a little different this year so we have some suggestions on how to stay saving in this spooky season.

Virtual Costume parade

You can utilise technology by hosting a Zoom or Group call and have a virtual parade to showcase everyone’s costumes. If you do decide to meet with people outside for a costume parade, please ensure you are social distancing and wear a facial mask. You can even incorporate your mask into a cool costume!

Safe trick or treating

A safe way to trick or treat this year may be to prepare small lolly bags and drop them off in other people’s letterboxes. By doing this it can minimise the amount of contact people have with each other. If you do leave candy outside perhaps leave a bottle of hand sanitizer next to it. If you have received anything wrapped from anyone make sure you wipe it before you open it.

Spooky Baking

While we are home we can still have fun in the kitchen by making Halloween themed treats! There are heaps of spooky Halloween themed recipes for you and your family to create. You can even include relatives and friends by everyone sending in their scariest food they cooked.

Movie night

Instead of going out you can have a scary movie marathon and watch the top scariest movies while eating all the spooky food you made.

Arts and Crafts

Go to the local store and buy heaps of materials so you can create scary items to put around the house. There are heaps of fun crafts that you can create online that are easy for you and the family to make.

Halloween Hunt

This year, why don’t you create a Halloween scavenger hunt? Like an easter egg hunt, you can place different spooky chocolates or treats in the backyard and get the family to find it!

This Halloween is a chance for you and your family to be creative and think outside the box. So you are able to stay safe yet still have a spooky and fun day.

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