How To Make Working From Home More Productive

April 20, 2020

We have all been shocked of what this pandemic has brought us.

If you’re like me, working from home is a new concept and can be a challenge if you’ve not done it before.

For many, this now becomes their reality and it can be quite daunting.

How can we traverse into the virtual working environment smoothly? Here’s a few tips.

1. Exercise daily

Exercising can improve mental stability and doing it in the morning gives you energy for the rest of the day. Whichever exercise you like its run/walk, Gym at home, Yoga or meditation it gives you a very clear mind and energy to kick start your day. Regular exercise will help reduce stress and boost your immunity. Highly recommending morning exercise for a productive day.

2. Start Early

Specially if you are someone who have very young kids at home and once they get going its hard to stay focus. . I purposely wake up before anyone else so that I can have 2-3 hours for myself. I use this precious time to read, write, check my emails, and planning for my goals. I like to divide my Working From Home routine into 3 segments. And it always starts by waking up around 5 to 6am Working from 6am to 9am can be your most productive time of the day. You’ll feel good if you get to spend more time with your family during the day knowing that you’ve accomplished something for yourself before they even woke up.

Then I’ll normally spend the last hours of that time to check if I have further work to do.

3. Dress Appropriately

Getting dressed up for work even if you’re at home sets your mood in work zone. It’s a habit we’ve been cultivating for years and boosts our brain into feeling prepared and professional. Clothing impacts our mindset. And yet working from home can be a lonely job, dressing up for work can help maintain a sense of consistency. You don’t have to dress in a full suit and tie but wearing smartly changes your perspective for the day. You then won’t have to worry if you look good when you do those Zoom meetings, right?

4. Allot a dedicated workspace

Making sure that you work in a quiet space for you to focus is one of the key things to working from home a success. Office spaces are typically built to maximize productivity by eliminating distractions, where our homes are typically designed for other purposes especially for comfort. If it’s available, use a spare room, or when space is an issue, work in the same designated spot every day. Set up a proper worktable and clean the area so it’s filled with items associated solely with work as much as possible. Make sure to find a comfortable chair that is conducive to working all day. Set up work gadgets and play music to drown out distractions from the home side. Whenever possible, use this space for work and when we work, use only this space. Designating a specific area and making sure to work in that area all the time helps create a productive and distraction-free mindset.

5. Set a routine

Setting up a routine offers a lot more flexibility with how and when we work. Routine can be designed in few segments one early session than a break or breakfast than we can spend another 2-3 hours before having a break for coffee or lunch. Around this time I normally plan a walk with kids or cycling for 30 min and come back for last session of the day to finish the day strong with phone calls and following up other tasks. I advisable to spend last 30 min to plan for the next day and move items for next day what you have not able to achieve today.

6. Most Imp action/ To do list

To-do lists and planners have always been important. But they become indispensable when working from home. Especially we need to have a most important action items for everyday and need to put most energy to see if we need achieve them and then focus on other list.

It helps us organize the day into manageable chunks. After a few days, we’ll know the pace we’re completing these tasks at, and can adjust our lists accordingly. Most importantly, it helps us stay focused and prioritized throughout the day. We can also use tools online, making our tasks accessible to our teams, allowing everyone to manage workloads and ensure we stay productive throughout the day.

7. Skill Upgrade / Learning

This is an additional work but it will have a positive impact on our work or getting more out of our day. If you are self-employed, most day will be spent on face to face meetings like us as real estate agents. You will fill your day with full of work. But if you can choose one simple skill upgrade such as increasing typing speed, upgrade your presenting or public speaking skill or you know what you need to improve to be more productive you can more things during the day. I have signed for an online course to increase my reading speed. It is almost compulsory at our organisation in this time for each team member to upgrade their skill. So during your working day, spend 60-90 minutes on learning something new that interest you and you know will be useful in the future.

8. Have regular breaks

It is as important as the points above to have a regular and set breaks to relax your mind and body. You can use your break to play with kids, have a coffee, listen to your favourite music or go for a walk. Doing activities that allow good blood circulation will help you feel good and do more for the day.

Working from home can be challenging and will take time getting used to, especially if we’ve never done it before. Yet, like with any change, we adjust to the new rhythm and make it just as productive, if not more, than our usual office routine.

Our team with over one hundred people realised that these tips greatly helps to make the most out of our days. We are spending time with our loved ones and doing more by staying home. We believe this is the time to do more, and not less.

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