How to Style Your Outdoor Living!

September 05, 2018

Spring has sprung!

Let’s get your outdoor area ready for the warmer months

The below information is inspired by an article written by Amelia Barnes from

An outdoor living space is an Australian home staple. The real quest is to ensure that it is styled correctly, maximizes the space you have and flows on from your home rather than it feel like a separate place.

Outdoor areas are a well-loved feature in many homes as they offer more variety in entertaining space, while still providing privacy. Architect Berit Barton says that a well-designed outdoor space is underpinned by four key elements – flow from inside out; vistas from as many rooms as possible; access to light and air; and the right balance between shelter and openness.

With these foundations at play, an outdoor area’s comfort level, sense of space and appearance can be enhanced in conjunction with material choices and styling.

Smaller spaces:

If you’re working with a smaller area, less is always more. Trying to include various elements will take away from the uniqueness of each component and eliminate the ability to showcase the area’s best features. You should aim to strategically place furniture away from the boundary of the house to create the illusion of an adjoining room flowing from your home. By using materials such as timber and bluestone pavers, this will compliment the sense of outdoors being drawn into the house, rather than taking away from the beauty of nature.

Bigger spaces:

Those with more room to play should consider styling their outdoor area into separate but cohesive zones. Combining contrast with continuity, the space could be designed encompassing a pergola to facilitate the feeling of an external room, with a garden, relaxed seating area and pool for example. The key message is by adding levels and zones, it gives the impression of a bigger space and keeps it interesting rather than flat and boring.

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