Is Your Home FireSmart This Summer?

December 18, 2018

A complete checklist to keep your home safe during the warmer months

Everyone knows the devastation that a fire can cause, whether it’s from a faulty appliance, accident at home, or from a destructive bushfire. The warm and dry weather pose serious threats for bushfires in more rural and less established areas than that of Wyndham, however house fires can be just as damaging. Below we have included some things for you to consider as recommended by the CFA which will help keep your home and family safe this summer.


  • Test monthly, clean and replace batteries yearly, and replace the whole smoke alarm every 10 years
  • One outside all sleeping areas, and in bedrooms where people sleep with the door closed.


  • Never leave cooking unattended
  • Keep combustibles such as tea towels and curtains away from cooking and heat sources
  • Keep pot handles turned in
  • Keep grills, fans and cooking surfaces free of grease residue


  • Clean the lint filter on your clothes dryer after each load
  • Let the dryer complete its cool-down cycle before stopping


  • Never smoke in bed
  • Don’t leave laptops on bed


  • Never deadlock doors when you’re at home. If you must use the deadlock, leave the keys in the lock
  • Develop and practise your home fire escape plan – have two ways to escape each room and a designated safe meeting point outside your home, e.g. letterbox


  • Clean chimneys and flues yearly
  • Keep roof gutters free of debris


  • Supervise children near heating equipment
  • Turn off electrical appliances at the power point when not in use
  • Keep electrical appliances and equipment in good working order
  • Replace damaged equipment, e.g. power cords
  • Don’t overload power boards
  • Have and know how to use your fire blanket and extinguisher

For more information about how to protect your home and family from a fire, please head to either the CFA or MFB websites below. Stay safe over summer and enjoy the weather!

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