Living Room Connectedness

January 16, 2019

See how some 2019 trends are making your living room a sanctuary for your mind

The New Year usually brings with it some resolutions that focus on bettering yourself; physically, mentally and emotionally. Well turns out that something similar can happen to your living room with some suggested 2019 trends allowing you to connect and relax. Keep reading to see how a little style revamp might be just what you need entering into 2019.


The power of paint is one that might surprise you. Colour is known to evoke feelings far from our current mood, so if you’re going for something wellbeing focused stick to soothing, nurturing tones. Mauves, warm neutrals and soft grey-greens will relax you and promote a feeling of mindfulness. You also can apply this colour palette to your furniture and of course other rooms in your home!


Another colour trend that is growing more and expected to be big in 2019 is those inspired by what we see outside. It has been suggested by various mental health experts that immersing ourselves in nature elevates our mood and overall mental health. Incorporating this theme in the home can not only make you feel relaxed and calm, but the tones are usually really easy to style with as well. Think of different hues of earthy tones, blue-greens, and warm orange-reds.


The popularity of indoor plants throughout the home is undeniable, and the best part is you can choose sizes, types, etc., allowing it to become what you want it to. Hanging, in pots, round leaves, fern leaves, clustered, distributed, options of how you incorporate this greenery into your interior design are endless. The focal aim of this trend is allowing you to feel more connected to the outside world, as living in urban and often small environments is notably increasing, says Lauren Camilleri from Leaf Supply. Surrounding yourself with indoor plants provides many benefits and is definitely something you should consider if you’re after a better connection with nature.


The ‘In-Thing’ for furniture in 2019 is choosing styles which are more minimal whilst using high-quality fabrics and natural materials. This can easily be achieved with the rising number of local artisans available, who work with a more sustainable and holistic approach to furniture making. Purchasing from them rather than big corporation brands is not only helping support your community, but it also provides you with more unique pieces with a story. All of this combined may make you feel greater connected to your home knowing the furniture comes from quality workmanship and natural environments.

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