Moving home when you have pets

May 13, 2021

Tips for moving house with pets.

When moving home with pets, you not only need to think about yourself but also your beloved 4-legged family member too! Before signing a contract and packing your old home away, you need to make sure the neighbourhood and house are pet friendly.

There are a couple of things you can do before moving into your new home.

1. Take a walk through the local area
Assess whether there is appropriate walking tracks or dog-friendly parks so your 4-legged buddy can get their exercise. Assess the property you may be moving to and make sure it’s animal proof, this means that you have checked whether the door shuts properly, the gates and whether the yard is appropriate for your pet. Taking your pets along to sniff out the new neighbourhood is a great way at familiarizing your pet with all the new smells around.

2. Pack up your furry companion’s familiar toys and bedding last
When it comes to packing, we all know animals have a mental breakdown when they see you packing for a trip, leaving them behind, this is quite similar. To lower the risk of your pet having a freakout, keep their routine normal, feeding, walking and playing should all be at the same similar times you normally do, as well as keeping their familiar toys and bedding around for them to seek comfort during the moving process. If you find your furry companion is stressed out and you cannot seem to settle them, speak to your local professional on ways to relax your pet.

3. Set up their space for moving day
Now it comes to the important and exciting part, MOVING DAY! When moving into your new home its best to keep your pets with you (if you can) this is a much better idea than having them board somewhere during the process. Remember, they are your family, they deserve to be included in the process. Many people hire removalists or have many helpers, if this is the case make sure your pet has a room, they can seclude themselves in with their bedding and toys for comfort as sometimes this process can be daunting for them.

4. Adjust your pet to their new space
Once you are finally settled in, instead of jumping to reorganize everything and unpack your boxes, spend some time with your pet and help them adjust to their new space. Unpack their things first to give them security. Once again, keeping the same routine is crucial during a moving process however, if there are new boundaries set in place of the new home, make sure you are teaching your pets and using positive reinforcement (pats, treats and lots of praises). This can take some time depending on your animal, be patient, make sure to reassure your animal and do not pressure them.

Lastly, always remember to update your pets’ microchip and registration forms to your new address.

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