Professional Property Styling

February 27, 2019

Is your home’s first impression living up to its potential?

First impressions are everything. They are formed in about 7 seconds so you really can’t risk leaving the backyard to be your magnificent feature and neglect the inside of your home. Buyers will judge the homes they walk through, and rightly so as they need to be able to picture themselves living there. Thus, if your interior styling is somewhat lacking, or you would just like some advice or reassurance, perhaps hiring/consulting with a professional property stylist is worth considering.

An advantage of using a property stylist is that they have enough experience to be able to transform your home in a way that appeals to specific target audiences without excluding other potential buyers. A good property stylist will also be able to tailor their styling to your individual property, showcasing its best aspects and not repeating the same design in multiple houses. Your home is best represented through styling that stems from your lifestyle so the products they use blend seamlessly with your own.

So is property styling something you’re thinking about? To put it simply, using a professional property stylist can help increase the perceived value of your home through a magnificent presentation of its spaces. However, like most services it does come at a cost. If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire a stylist, most companies offer free of charge, no obligation consultations. The purpose of these consultations is to discuss what kind of styling suits your home, so you could take on their advice yourself, channeling a stylist within. If you are still contemplating whether or not you should use professional property styling, simply have a chat with your real estate agent. They are the local buyer experts and should have a fair idea of how purchasers will respond to styling and if it is worth the money for your individual circumstances.

Have a look at our previously published blog ‘Ins and Outs of Effective Home Styling’ to gain more insight into self-styling and some tips from Samantha Bourne, marketing director at McConnell Bourn Real Estate

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