The Best Gardening Apps!

February 01, 2019

What kind of flowers grow on your face?

Tu-lips!Disclaimer: Information in article better than that joke

Technology helping your garden thrive!

There is virtually an app for everything these days, including dozens for your garden! Here we will introduce some of the top-rated ones, including apps designed specifically for Australian plants, to help make your garden a feature of your home. When it comes to selling, you will be attracting the greens thumbs and also anyone who appreciates nature and the outdoors, otherwise feel free to enjoy it for yourselves!


FREE | Android and iOS

This app has a range of features to help you better plan and grow your garden to keep it more manageable. It provides detailed information and images of various plant species, a problem solver tool that can help you identify issues that are happening with your plants, digital tracking of your garden’s progress, and access to qualified Australian horticulturalists that offer free advice for your garden needs.

GARDENATE : Vegetables

$1.49 | Android and iOS

Gardenate is an app intended for produce of your kitchen garden. Knowing the right vegetables to plant at the right time can be tricky and that’s what this app helps with. For both novices and the experienced, Gardenate features climate zone specific calendars to help you choose what is best to plant in your area at different times of the year. It adapts to your chosen plants and tracks their progress, giving you reminders when to harvest your produce. An iPad version has also been developed; Gardenate HD.

GARDEN ANSWERS : Plant Identification

FREE | Android and iOS

An app that has the ability to identify over 20,000 plants whilst providing detailed information about it. Garden Answers works by you taking a picture of the plant you wish to identify and with a tap of a button, receiving an accurate identification of it alongside a comprehensive description from the knowledge of garden and horticulture experts – like magic! There is also a database where you can search through commonly asked questions. This app is not specifically Australian, so our native species may not always be recognised, however it is still a very valuable source of information for what mostly occupies are gardens anyway.

iSCAPE : Landscape and Design

FREE | iOS only

iScape is a must-have if you need assistance visualising what your garden will look like once you add your favourite plants to it. It provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in your outdoor living design, using traditional 2D designs or advanced Augmented Reality. Design tools allow you to add features in your garden, the buy tool works by inventorying your added pieces to make the purchase a smooth transition if you wish to use it, and the share tool allows you to share your created vision. For more advanced users, there is also a subscription option that offers extra tools.

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