Top Places to Retire

January 09, 2019

Whether it be coastal, country or the ‘burbs.

We’ve summarised Australia’s most popular places to retire.

When it comes to choosing where to retire, it’s good to give the decision some careful thought. Who likes packing up the belongings and moving house several times? Not many people. However, it can be a difficult decision because Australia is a beautiful country, so you’re spoiled for choice!

In fact, Australia has been ranked the top third of countries in almost all indices measuring the best countries to retire, according to the analysis of nine separate ageing and retirement indices by

After 60 years of life, whether you have previously lived in the city or the ‘burbs – everyone’S pull factors differ. It may be, close to family, environmental, standards of living or economic indicators.


The seaside breeze and salty air isn’t the only benefits of living by the beach. The laid back lifestyle and all-year-round holiday feel is what appeals to a lot of retirees in 2019. Statistics show that people who move to the Coast are often those who vacationed by the bay in their younger years.

Places such as:
– Sunshine Coast, Queensland
– Coolangatta, Queensland
– Tweed Heads, NSW
– Merimbula, NSW
– Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
– Geraldton, WA
– Esperance, WA


The open space, slower pace, the privacy and tranquillity is just some of the reasons the twenty-first century retiree chooses to make the shift to the country lifestyle. Country homes and communities often come at a lower coast which is often a smart economic decision.

Don’t get confused with the farming lifestyle – statistics are showing that retirees are enjoying a glass of red in the countryside vineyards.

Places such as:

– Hunter Valley, NSW
– Echuca, Victoria
– Huon Valley, Tasmania
– Yankalilla, SA

Thinking of going international? Accordingly to the Melbourne Mercer Pension Index rankings the top 5 places to retire are as followed: Denmark (#1), Netherlands (#2), Australia (#3), Finland (#4) or even Sweden (#5)

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