Work-Life Balance

March 12, 2019

Have you got a healthy relationship between your job and home life?

Here at Reliance, we hold the value of family very close to our hearts and whilst we believe we are one big working family, we know that work is not everything and understand that (and encourage!) you have to take some ‘me-time’ for yourself! Working as a real estate agent requires long hours and usually outside what is considered the norm (eg. 9-5), and there are many, many other professions that also consist of different hours, such as shift workers. Not only are these hours a result of the job requirements, but due to the increase of part-time and casual workers across Australia, people are having to work double shifts, unsocial hours, etc. This can sometimes make it hard to ensure we are dedicating enough time doing the things that we enjoy but we mustn’t use that as an excuse.

There are plenty of positives of working that benefit our daily living such as providing activity and a daily structure, enabling the development of relationships and a sense of community, giving us a sense of meaning and purpose, and lastly providing financial independence. However in the working environment there is a limit of how much we can handle; and that is a threshold that shouldn’t be crossed. Overworking or stressful working environments can lead to burnout and high stress levels, both of which negatively affect various areas of our lives including physical and mental health, relationships and personal wellbeing. Emotional exhaustion and detachment and reduced efficiency or lacking a sense of achievement are common signs of burnout and a result of excessive stress levels.

Some of the easiest ways to avoid being overworked and ensuring that you are taking care of yourself through spending time with family and friends, and also setting aside time for your own leisure include:

  • Keep work gadgets at work – avoid answering emails and phone calls related to work while you’re at home. It can make those around you feel less important than what they are and takes away the opportunity to spend quality time with them. It also allows you to block out work for a period of time which provides you with the chance to do something for you.
  • Pre-plan your week and designate time for you – go to the gym, catch up with friends, have a family dinner, do whatever you want… and whatever you do, don’t cancel for work! Try to keep a balance of planning activities that are social but also include things that focus on you and what you enjoy. For example, meditation, sports, crafts, etc.
  • Make sure you are doing something that brings you joy – don’t settle for a job that makes you miserable and causes you a lot of stress and grief. Seek a career that makes you proud to be a part of that industry/company and provides you with high job satisfaction.

These are only a few suggestions we have, but there is no doubt it can be difficult to find that healthy balance between work and personal life. Talk to your doctor about recommendations they have which might include specific programs or referrals to further sources that can help you find that balance.

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