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Guide To Keeping The Kids Busy During Lockdown

April 01, 2020

Keeping children’s bodies moving and brains active is essential, especially when they are not at school during the coronavirus pandemic.

Finding ways to keep the little ones occupied, without leaving the house can often be difficult.

1. Grow things

Save your apple, pear or even lemon seeds for replanting and watch these trees grow and produce fruit for years to come. Another option is to propagate your plants, plants such as succulents, fiddle leaf figs, rosemary and even a devil’s Ivy.

2. Backyard Camping

Set up your tent in the backyard, you can spend the night star gazing or preparing your torch for some critter-spotting.

3. Bake Something

Prepare something sweet or savory (or even both). The preparation, cooking and decorating of muffins can almost become a half day activity with little ones. Search the web for recipes you can make using only what is in your cupboard.

The Reliance team favorites’ are:

“A simple chocolate mud-cake!” – Amy Kayani, HR Manager.
“ Honey Joys! “– Pratik Shah, Sales Agent.
“A decadent Sticky Date Pudding” – SanchitWalia, Head of Property Management.
“Chocolate Chip Cookies are always a big hit!” – Selena Emkic, Office Coordinator

4. Paint the Driveway

Use shop-bought or homemade chalk – made of cornflour, water and food colouring to create temporary art on the driveway or pavement.

5. Paint Rocks

Any painting activity will do but change things up by painting rocks to transform them into animals such as ladybirds or tortoises.

6. Outdoor Picnic

Why not gather your freshly baked goods and set up an outdoor picnic in the backyard. For the little ones, you can turn it into a teddy bear picnic, where they can invite all their stuffed animals.

7. Virtual Excursions

Did you know so many zoo’s and museums have live webcams and virtual tours.
– Melbourne Zoo: live streaming the zoo, so you can enjoy animals at home. (https://www.zoo.org.au/animal-house)
– The Louvre, Paris: explore the exhibitions in one of the most famous French destinations. (https://www.louvre.fr/en/visites-en-ligne)

8. Online Learning

There is so many resources online, utilizing technology in learning. Online website such as ABCmouse that has over 850 lessons, with new activities being added constantly.

9. Board Games and Puzzles

Nothing keeps the mind proactive like a board game or a puzzle.

The Reliance team favorites’ are:

“A game we can play for hours, and get very competitive in is defiantly Uno!” – Sunil Kumar, CEO
“There is no feeling that beats, winning a long winded game of Monopoly” – Stevie Bell, General Manager
“ You can’t beat the classic, Battleship” – Amber Wright, Marketing Manager

10. Learn Origami

Use recycled paper from around the house and learn the art of origami, there is plenty of video’s online.

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