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Reliance Real Estate – Full Steam Ahead

October 14, 2018

Reliance’s story – On the topic of growth, expansion and what it means to us

Since launching in 2011, Reliance Real Estate has expanded to 7 office locations across the Western suburbs, with an additional office opening in the Northern suburb of Epping in early October. Since starting with 2 team members, the current number has hit 100 and is climbing rapidly. The aim is not to increase revenue and value; Sunil’s mission is to be able to provide an accessible, superior-quality and reliable service to those in the real estate market.

Reliance was established because Sunil felt there was a lack in quality, customer-focused real estate. Instead of agents being a part of the selling and buying journey with their clients, he believed it was more of a numbers game for them. This is where it began. Reliance’s success can be attributed to the constant innovation they apply to their business. Technological advances in the industry need to be followed, which means regular team training and investments in new equipment and software. Networking is another crucial aspect of Reliance’s growth success, whether that be within our own team or externally provided. At Reliance Real Estate, we are built on a team culture; our business progression is reliant on the hard-work our team members provide, and in return we support and encourage their individual growth so they can reach their own goals. We believe a well-supported team reflects in the agents’ performance, resulting in happy clients.

Despite the current success, in 2013 Sunil was faced was hardship which almost caused the closure of Reliance Real Estate. In the distraction of learning the ins and outs of management, Sunil found himself making less and less sales, focusing all his time on managing the business and accounts on his own. The struggle made it difficult to face those who believed in him, however his team and family never lost faith and with their support, Sunil dedicated his time to investing in his team and focusing on key fundamentals of making a business successful. Staff numbers grew, and they specialised in various areas, allowing Sunil to stick to his strength of sales and client interaction.

Sunil’s openness to his colleagues allowed us to gain further insight into the humble and passionate man that he is, and with so much experience under his belt, thought he would have a lot to offer those wanting to enter into the business world. When asked what advice he would give to someone wanting to start a business, Sunil suggested preparing for the worst. As grim as it sounds, it allows you to be prepared for any situation, and also allows you to monitor your growth as a business as you are already equipped to handle whatever the industry throws at you from the get-go. It’s also important to take each day as it comes, doing your best and striving for daily success. Aside from personal advice, in regards to business strategy, Sunil insists that no matter the profession, in the first two years focus on marketing and selling. This should allow your business to gain the exposure it needs to keep its name circling in the area, and subsequently, you can begin to concentrate your attention on growth and business development.

When our second office opened in Point Cook in 2015, any further growth we visualised would be in the Wyndham area, however due to the success and demand on the business, an opportunity arose in Melton – Welcome, our third office! There will always be a need for customer service, and in the real estate industry it is an invaluable quality to have as clients go through life changes. In a few years’ time, we hope to still be growing, but will only progress to benefit our customers. Sacrificing our morals for financial gain is something staying completely clear of our agenda.

When asked if Reliance would expand to a national market, General Manager, Stevie Bell, said that the dream is large and we like to dream big, but for the time being Reliance will be sticking to the Victorian market. She mentioned how Reliance is being careful not to move too quickly and there is no desire to switch to a franchise model. By growing together it allows us to keep the same vision; we are one team who share one goal. Reliance Real Estate will continue to make a significant impact in the market.

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