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Success Story Madelyne Stoj

July 05, 2019

‘Reliance stepped me into a career I never thought possible”

Madelyne, better known as Maddy by her friends and family, graduated from year 12 in 2015 and knew straight out of school that she wanted to pursue a career that was going to offer her development and growth opportunities. Maddy started her first job in the sales industry on a commission-based salary primarily making cold calls, however soon realised after 8 months that it wasn’t providing her with what she needed from a career. At this point she was on the search for something different and attended various interviews until she found something that caught her attention; Real Estate. Maddy realised that stepping into the real estate industry would be perfect as it provides a world of opportunities to drive her career. So, the question remains, what stood out about Reliance?

When asked about this, Maddy started off with how her interview was not really an interview, it was a conversation. Reliance was more concerned about getting to know Maddy and what she was looking for, making her feel comfortable and more than welcome; a testament to a real team and family culture. Reliance offered Maddy a sales assistant position at the Werribee office and she was ecstatic. It wasn’t long though before management started to notice some qualities and skills of Maddy’s that deemed her more suitable for the reception/administration role. Her determined work ethic and initiative to take on extra tasks pushed her development and growth, seeing her work her way up to office co-ordinator, and after a total of 6-8 months at Reliance Maddy moved to the trust accountant division. Today, Maddy is the Trust Accountant Manager across all our 9 offices after working closely with Reliance leaders and being recognised as being more than capable of handling the extra load.

One of the most memorable parts of Maddy’s experience with Reliance so far has been the constant motion forward in her career. Her leaders and mentors are always propelling her towards opportunities for growth and development. Specifically, regular upskilling is strongly encouraged and facilitated, demonstrated through the support in Maddy receiving her Agent’s Representative certificate as well as providing frequent training sessions across multiple areas. She mentioned how she feels simultaneously challenged and nurtured, allowing her the perfect work environment to be the best version of herself. Of course, there are other real estate companies that provide a supportive environment, however what is the difference at Reliance? Maddy expressed the invaluable feeling of being in a workplace that offers a rewarding career whilst being surrounded by a second family. The whole Reliance team evokes an uplifting nature, providing encouragement and support both in work-based activities and on a personal basis.

We love spending time together with everyone from all our locations, and staff understand that agreeing to having a career with Reliance requires attendance and engagement in our events. Maddy struggled to name a single-best event, declaring that there’s never been a bad one! Quite a proclamation to make, however she sticks by what she said, elaborating on how no matter whether the event is team bonding, upskilling training, or celebrating the company’s success, it is always fun and interesting.

Have a read of the advice Maddy would give to someone who was considering pursuing a career in real estate:

“A career in real estate needs to be built and worked for, it won’t just be given to you. Don’t be fooled by the apparent perks and lifestyle that creates an unrealistic stereotype that real estate isn’t hard work. Rewards are given to those who demonstrate effort and a strong work ethic. You shouldn’t be scared to put your hand up to take on any extra work because it won’t go unnoticed.”

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