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Wyndham Market Trends

October 31, 2018

Ever wondered what’s happening to housing prices around Wyndham?’

Well we’ve broken it down…

The media is often good at putting generic thoughts in our minds about the current property market but then we get confused because they can often be conflicting, too. One day the prices are soaring, and then next thing we know, they’re plummeting. Truth be told – Every area and region is very different due to socioeconomic change as well as the housing demand.

Below are some figures taken by a recognised Real Estate data analytics’ site, Property Data. We’ve broken it down into the median sale price for houses at the end of the second quarter, price change since last year and compared to the first quarter of the year.

Q2 2018 Median Sale Price : $505,000
Annual Change : 8.9% ↑
Quarterly Change : 0.001% ↑

Werribee South
Q2 2018 Median Sale Price : $710,000
Annual Change : 15.1% ↑
Quarterly Change: 5.6% ↑

Hoppers Crossing
Q2 2018 Median Sale Price : $560,000
Annual Change : 17% ↑
Quarterly Change : 2.1% ↑

Point Cook
Q2 2018 Median Sale Price : $675,000
Annual Change : 11.9% ↑
Quarterly Change : 1.5% ↑

Q2 2018 Median Sale Price : $551,000
Annual Change : 12.7% ↑
Quarterly Change : 3.8% ↑

Q2 2018 Median Sale Price : $541,000
Annual Change : 13.9% ↑
Quarterly Change : 3.5% ↑

Wyndham Vale
Q2 2018 Median Sale price : $469,000
Annual Change : 15.8% ↑
Quarterly Change : 3.1% ↑

You might just be interested to know a bit more about the latest real estate market trends or these figures may influence where you’re looking to buy. Hoppers Crossing has had the greatest annual increase, and Werribee South has had the most recent boom. The current Wyndham growth and development plans seem to be positively impacting the housing prices which are adding to its future of a promising community.

*Numerical data retrieved from

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