Reliance Head Office, also known as the Support Office for the network, serves as the central unit of the Reliance group. Under the leadership of CEO Sunil Kumar, a team of innovative and dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds with broad industry experience collaboratively work with the seven sales offices across the North and West of Victoria. The primary objective of the Head Office is to achieve best practices and foster growth for the entire Reliance network. Our team of professionals brings expertise in real estate, business, technology, marketing, and creative fields.

Led by General Manager Stevie Bell, the Business Support team at Head Office is enthusiastic and determined to deliver the most satisfactory customer experience. They liaise with existing clients and facilitate regular and extensive training sessions for the entire team across the Reliance group. From sales agents, property managers, and leasing agents to administration and office managers, all receive ongoing support to ensure they can provide exceptional service to anyone associated with Reliance Real Estate.

At Head Office, you’ll find our marketing hub, accountancy sector, and client experience team. Additionally, the Tarneit Rental Department, part of the Reliance Commercial and Urban Land team, and Reliance’s in-house mortgage broker group, Funding Force, are based here. Despite the diverse areas of specialization, every professional at Head Office is committed to upholding the Reliance team values of respect, celebration, growth, leadership, and family. These values, combined with our client-focused approach, ensure that we meet our clients’ needs with dedication and strive for top results.

As a team, we are constantly striving to find the most effective ways to serve our clients, staying up to date with current trends and markets. We pride ourselves on transparent communication, working with integrity and honesty. At Reliance Head Office, we believe that dignity, paired with outstanding knowledge and expertise in our respective fields, always yields better outcomes than sensationalized campaigns and fabricated truths. Our passion for excellence drives us to put our clients first.

In addition to our hard-working approach and commitment to client success, the Reliance group is dedicated to making a positive impact on both local and widespread communities through our charity-benefit fund, Reliance Foundation. It is a reflection of our team members’ collaborative ethos and desire to make a difference in the lives of not only those buying and selling homes but also those in need of support in various other aspects. Reliance Foundation actively engages with and provides assistance to local schools, businesses, sporting groups, and community organizations. While Reliance Head Office proudly hosts and organizes various events for Reliance Foundation, we strongly encourage all team members to contribute ideas and suggestions on how we can positively impact the community.

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