Matthew Buller

Property Manager

With a solid history of industry experience, Matthew provides a property management experience with a difference. Working closely with his clients, developing a positive and professional relationship is something that Matthew strongly values and is at the core of the service he provides. Utilising his knowledge of the area he works in and the trends of the industry, he is able to deliver exceptional outcomes for his clients.

Known as a thorough and efficient individual, Matthew also possesses excellent communication and negotiation skills, something of which is appreciated by tenants and landlords alike as he works to answer queries and action requests. Working collaboratively with colleagues across all areas of the industry, Matthew’s responsiveness and willingness to prioritise needs of those receiving his service is admirable and highly-valued. He executes each task to the best of his ability, whether that be from marketing property, to tenant selection and ongoing maintenance.

Matthew is a great asset to our award winning Rental Team and provides invaluable service to those in the area of Sunbury and surrounding suburbs.