An Effective Vacate Clean

September 05, 2019

Getting your home in the best shape, the easiest way possible

Having your home on the market can be stressful with all the open homes, advertising pictures, settlement deadlines, etc, as you want to present your house as immaculately as you can. Even when your home isn’t for sale, it’s always good to stay on top of your cleaning to avoid the inevitable build up, making life a lot harder than it needs to be when you do decide to do the annual spring clean. Here we’ve got some tips to consider implementing that should make your life easier.


It’s not uncommon for many homeowners to begin a clean and not finish due to the overwhelming feeling that hits them when they realise how much needs to be done. A way around this is to have a plan of attack to help tackle your jobs. There are different approaches you can take; double storey’s can be done by making your way from upstairs to downstairs, single storey’s one side to the next. There’s the room to room tactic that works for some people, or categories that work for others such as what Marie Kondo would suggest. It doesn’t really matter how you choose to do it, just as long as you have a plan to follow to help guide you along.


Dust and dirt cling to everything, cobwebs form in corners, ceiling fans develop a film of dust so thick sometimes you wonder if it is actually carpet, furniture, blinds, it all collects it! So why are people still doing their floors first? Avoid this mistake, start by dusting the ceilings and walls, move to the blinds and furniture, shelves, etc., and then you can move to vacuuming and mopping the floors. It will save you so much time from backtracking and ensure a thorough clean.


So some interesting news is that things get dirty when you use them to get rid of dirt… just kidding this is pretty obvious, so if you use only one rag to clean the entire house, is it really getting clean? The answer is most likely no. If you use a dirty rag to clean surfaces, not only are you ineffectively cleaning but you could also be spreading germs around. The best way to combat this issue is to have a pile of cotton or microfiber cloths ready to use when your current one gets dirty. The added benefit is that they can be washed and reused multiple times.

Another use for microfiber and cotton cloths is that they are more efficient at drying surfaces than paper towels as they don’t leave lint behind, as well as being gentler and preventing damage to delicate furniture compared to the rough surface of paper towels.


Choosing the right cleaning products can be confusing because there are so many out there and with different purposes. The important thing to do though is to not just choose one and hope for the best, different jobs require specific cleaning products. For example, environmentally friendly products are becoming more popular and sought-after however they aren’t always the best choice for the tougher stains and grime, etc., and some jobs will require bleach-based and sanitising products. Hence, be mindful with what you’re using for the most efficient clean possible, however never mix cleaning products because the combination of some chemicals can cause detrimental effects to one’s health, even at low levels of exposure.

Ventilation is crucial whenever cleaning products are being used to minimise the air pollution from chemicals indoors. Opening a window or door is most effective, especially over turning the AC on because majority won’t actually bring fresh air from outside in.


This one is more so directed at the pet owners out there that have an ongoing battle with pet fur. If you struggle cleaning up the evidence of your fur baby with your current vacuum cleaner and are just using it the same way as you would with cleaning the rest of the house, try using a bristle brush attachment. This type of attachment guides the hair directly into the vacuum canister rather than moving it around the room. Another attachment tip for tight spaces and wall joins is to use the narrow head attachment to ensure all the dirt and dust is being collected even in the hard to reach places.

This article was inspired by Daniel Bortz’s original article on The Washington Post.


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