Choosing a Property Manager…

October 07, 2018

Simple tips to finding the best manager for your investment property!

Hiring someone to look after one of your biggest assets is a very big decision. The key qualities in which a Property Manager must possess are organization, honesty, trustworthiness and actual experience in the field. See our suggested tips below regarding sourcing the best fit for your property.

1. Meet one-on-one

If you are available, meet the candidates face to face. This will show you how comfortable the person is speaking about the field, this is a perfect opportunity to get an understanding on the persons nature and ability to service you. (Handy tip: If a Property Manager doesn’t have time to meet with you in person, that shows they may already have a heavy workload and their focus may not be on customer service).

2. Have a mutual understanding

It’s important that the property manager you choose understands your goals and what you want out of your investment. If their idea of appropriate tenants and suitable rental income doesn’t match yours, it may be worth considering other options.

3. Choose a local agency

When choosing a new property manager for your investment, we recommend someone who works for an agency close to the property. This way you can trust that they know the area well and it will reflect in the steps they take in managing your property. Although there are exceptions, be vigilant in the property manager’s plans for aspects such as open for inspections – if the agency is a distance away from your property, OFI may not be as regular as you’d like.

4. Use the internet

This may seem silly, however, when it comes to comparisons and decisions, information you source from researching online is super helpful! You can find websites such as and Google reviews, even looking at the agency’s Facebook page will give you insight into the type of company they are, and see what other people thought of them.

Ultimately, you need to get along with your property manager. By doing these things, it will provide greater opportunity to have your investment in hands you can trust, allowing you to sit back and relax knowing you can rely on them.

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