‘Rent Fair’ the 2020 Reforms

February 06, 2020

In 2018, the Victoria Parliament passed the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill with included more than 10 reforms designed to increase protections for renters.

While some laws have already been implemented, all reforms will be in place by July 2020.

Over the time since the bill has been passed, many real estate professionals have been questioned by clients; what will this mean for my investment property? As a tenant, can I have pets?
Well we’ve got a list of the key reforms for your understanding as a landlord or a tenant.

Key Outcomes from the Review:

  • Landlords must provide each renter (tenant) with a free set of keys or security device.
  • Tenants will be allowed to make minor modification without their landlord’s consent
  • Renters can keep pets at a rental property with the consent of the landlord.
  • Rental increases are limited; a landlord will not be able to increase rent more than every 12 months under any time of rental agreement.
  • Excessive utility bills; where a renter has received an excessive utility bill attributable to a hidden fault (such as a leaking water pipe), the rental provider must pay for the costs that   exceed the tenant’s ordinary usage amounts.
  • Landlord will no longer be able to issue a ‘no specified reason’ notice to vacate, which means the 120 day notice to vacate will no longer be allowed.
  • Rental Property Minimum Standards; Rental providers have a duty to ensure their rental property meets the rental minimum standards. The minimum standards will be set in April  2020 following public consultation in November 2019 through Engage Victoria.
  • Working deadlocks on all external entry doors (excluding screen doors or where heritage regulations may not allow it).
  • Toilets in good working order, correctly connected to sewage systems.
  • Kitchen facilities with sink, oven and cooktop in good working order.
  • A reasonable supply of hot and cold water for any laundry facilities in the premises.
  • Heating in a main living area of houses or terraces by July 1, 2020 – this must be energy efficient if installed after this date.
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