About Sanchit

As a Property Consultant, Sanchit comes well qualified. Having worked for more than a decade in property management and development, he knows the ins and out of his role, which enables his team to maximise the returns for the clients.

However the best thing about Sanchit is not his knowledge and experience but his pleasant dispositions and easy going nature. His team see him as reliable, punctual and very approachable. His clients are always happy with his high quality of service and commitment.

Hailing from India it’s understandable that one of his favourite pastimes is watching Bollywood movies. Yet what few people know is that he was a national level horse rider at school.

Sanchit humbly expresses the age old adage that “behind every successful man is a successful woman”, as, in his words, he most admires his “better half as she hides my weaknesses and enhances my strengths


  • RRE - Diamond Rental Performers 2018 (Reliance Werribee & Tarneit)