Cold Weather, Hot Property: The Advantages of Selling in Winter

June 08, 2018

You’ve decided to sell your home?

Great! Now it’s time to decide when you want to put it on the market.

You’ve decided to sell your home? Great! Now it’s time to decide when you want to put it on the market. Okay, let’s think about this. Peak selling season is usually around Spring and Autumn (Summer has too much Christmas going on), so whilst most wait until that time of year, consider these points for selling your house in Winter.

1. Less Competition

Okay so yes, more buyer competition might give the impression of better chances of selling, however that is not always the case. During the Winter months, with fewer homes on the market means less selling competition, possibly leading to higher demand for properties and making it easier for your home to catch the attention of potential buyers.

During peak seasons, homes of all varieties are flooding the market, which makes it more likely for your home to go unnoticed. Take advantage of the opportunity to have your property be the star, and increase the likeliness of buyers putting in higher offers to make sure they get what they’re after.

2. Better Prospects

Despite the fact that there might be less potential buyers around during the months of Winter, it can actually benefit you and the sale of your home.

Most importantly, the buyers that are actively searching for a new home in the off season are the more serious buyers. Peak selling time brings with it a lot of people showing up to opens, enquiring, but never truly committing. If you’re dedicated enough to get out of bed early on a frosty Saturday morning to attend opens, this is no joke for you let’s face it!

Not as crucial, but still a nice incentive, less buyers means less frequent calls to say ‘I have someone who wants to view your home’. You have more control of when your property is open for inspection, meaning you can have peace of mind that until officially sold, your home is still yours.

3. Even more attention from your agent

Whilst every endeavour is made from your agent to attend to all your needs and queries promptly throughout the sale process, with fewer listings in Winter, they are able to focus on clients even more than usual. They have more time to guide you through the selling process and it’s easier for them to make themselves available to you whenever you need.

Additionally, knowing that there’s less options for buyers, they will place added emphasis on your property to draw attention to it, and work extra hard to get a sale that you’re happy with.

4. Showcase Your Home’s ‘Warm’ Features

Summertime is ideal for those with a pool because it’s easy for buyers to envision themselves relaxing on the hot Summer days. In Winter, you can attack the same approach but from a different perspective. Use it as a time to showcase features such as heating, insulation and lighting to show off how warm and inviting your home can be (even better if you’ve got a fireplace). What’s more, if your property is facing a northerly direction and takes advantage of the warm winter sun, it’s a perfect time to exhibit this, too.

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