Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

June 15, 2018

Getting your house ‘Sale Ready’ doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. Look at this…

Getting your house ‘Sale Ready’ doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. We’ve found some great tips that are here to help you prepare for both the general Sale campaign, but also more specifically things you can do to gain buyer interest solely from attending an open for inspection.

De-clutter and Depersonalise

The most appealing houses are those that are neat and those that buyers can easily picture themselves in. The first step you should take in preparing your house for sale is to go through each room and cull everything you don’t need. It’ll make your rooms look bigger, but bonus for you – packing is much more of a breeze. Secondly, buyers need a blank canvas to picture their lives fitting into your current home. Family photos and your kids’ pictures up on the fridge take away from this and are a little off putting. For the duration of the Sale campaign, it would be advised to put these personal touches as a keep safe so potential buyers have an easier time envisioning themselves in your home.

Patch and Paint the Walls – No Feature Walls

It’s incredible what a fresh paint job can do for your property, and you don’t need to have an expensive budget! Start by marking down which walls need attention first – those with cracks or major scuffs. Next go to the ones that might just need a freshen up. Feature walls are a trend of the past, stylish furniture and open space is the new focal point of a room. Use this opportunity to paint over any feature walls with a more neutral colour. Also, don’t forget to consider any windows, doors or exterior parts of your home that are looking a bit weathered.

Neutral and Consistent Colour Scheme

Again, it’s about allowing potential buyers to picture themselves in your property. Adopt a neutral colour scheme throughout your home, extending from walls to furniture if possible, to appeal to as many buyers as possible.

Maintenance and Repairs

We’ve spoken before about how picky some buyers can be at open for inspections. They don’t hold back on pointing out sometimes even the smallest things – broken heating ducts, loose door handles, etc. Agents have contacts, as you go through each of your rooms make a list of these little jobs and ask your agent to recommend a good, local handyman to fix them up.

Alternatively, if you’re handy yourself, you can replace them.

Upgrade door handles

As mentioned above, loose door handles (despite being a minor job) really get some buyers arced up. Simple and effective solution? Upgrade the door handles both interiorly and exteriorly, and throughout the cupboards and drawers in your home. Even if they aren’t loose, they may be outdated and this is a sure way of making a big difference.

Heavy Duty Clean

If you are seriously considering putting your property on the market, start off with a good impression by giving it a good clean before you even get the agent in for a market appraisal, or at least before buyers start coming for open for inspections. Clean the vents, get rid of the cobwebs, do whatever you need to ensure buyers won’t think the property isn’t well maintained.

Additionally, smelly or stained carpets are no-one’s friend. Get them steam cleaned or if they are heavily soiled, get them replaced. It may seem costly but it will be worth it.

Neatly Store the Kids’ Toys

If you have young children, most likely you have a cascade of toys to go with them. Now, whilst we don’t want to deprive your kids of their beloved toys, some sort of action does need to happen for a successful sale campaign. Try to remove the least popular toys, and leave them with their favourites, as well as hiding the toys notorious for being messy (eg. Lego, Play Doh, etc). Once you’ve got your selected few, they need to be stored neatly and kept that way.

Professionally Stage Your Home

An option that is not for everyone but is for some, is to have your property professionally staged. Packages include fully or partially staged, with either option contributing to maximising your home’s style and sale potential without you having to purchase additional artwork or decor.

Open For Inspections

Pre-Inspection Cleaning
Giving your house an overhaul before every inspection is an unnecessary habit you shouldn’t fall into. It’s a waste of time and drains your energy. The main things you need to keep an eye out for are dirty dishes, keeping the laundry hampers empty, wipe down bench tops and keeping mirrors fresh and smudge free. Spot vacuuming prior to inspections is recommended.

Make Your Home Smell Nice
It’s hard to describe the feeling of walking into a space that smells amazing and fresh, but there’s nothing worse than walking into a home that has an unpleasant smell to it. It helps to make sure you have plenty of air fresheners throughout your home, but it’s even better to have fresh flowers with pleasant scents. Obviously they help your home smell nice, but they also add colour and personality. To prevent the bad smells, try to avoid cooking foods with strong aromas, and stay aware of any pet odours.

Good Lighting
A bright home is unequivocally more appealing than a dull, gloomy home. If you’re lucky enough to be exposed to natural light, let it all in! Keep your curtains and blinds open during inspections, and if that doesn’t provide enough brightness in the room, ensure all your lights are working to compensate.

Crisp Bedsheets
Although it should be a no brainer, we have to remind you that beds should be looking the best they ever have during a sale campaign, especially for inspections! Keep the beds looking nice and made, but consider whether you could so with some new bedsheets. Going back to our neutral colour scheme, avoid bright, patterned or comical bed covers.

Keep Cupboards and Drawers Clean
Functionality and practicality within a home is a key aspect buyers look for. Hence, if you’ve got a cupboard or drawer that can be opened, chances are it will be. Take the time to ensure things are nicely organised inside, and take out anything private or personal and put it somewhere not accessible to potential buyers during inspections.

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