Going Once, Going Twice!

October 29, 2018

Our in-house auctioneer team changing the way we sell

This year Reliance Real Estate took a innovative step in introducing our very own in-house auctioneering team. It is made up of four of our dedicated and experienced sales team members; Inder Vasu from our Point Cook office, Pratik Shah from our Tarneit office, and Namneet ‘Honey’ Walia and Shubham Rana from our Melton office.

The team was created on the premise of a strong belief in auctions being an effective selling strategy. One of our Melton representatives, Honey, said it encourages competition between buyers, allowing people to offer “their absolute best towards the property”. Most of the time, those types of conditions are only available at auction. Pratik Shah also mentioned that in the circumstance of a vendor requiring an urgent sale, he highly recommends auction, primarily due to the same reasoning; high buyer competition.

A significant advantage of auctions is the fact of the sale being unconditional. This means that prospective buyers attending the auction are serious and are not relying on financial approval. Pratik and Honey both agree that this is one of their favourite things about auctions.

Due to the fast growing rate of Reliance Real Estate, the addition of Reliance’s auctioneering team will help create an edge when it comes to the coordination between the sales team and auctioneers. Being agents themselves, the auctioneering team has a unique relationship with the buyers where they are familiar with the situation and can happily receive feedback.

Furthermore, as the sales team continues to grow and list more properties, having our own in-house auctioneers will ease the congestion if we were to solely rely on an external company.
We are so glad to welcome our auctioneering team and wish them all the best for the future. We are proud of the achievements they’ve made so far, and in Honey’s own words, “The Reliance Auctioneering Team is another feather in the cap.”

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