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Why Is Curb Appeal Important?

November 10, 2020

Why Is Curb Appeal Important?

You are considering selling your home and you are spending all your time making sure the interior of your property is up to scratch. Whilst it is great when the interior of the property is well maintained and refreshed you would want to do the same on the exterior. Did you know that having a good curb appeal can increase the interest of prospective buyers?

What we have done is created a list of the most common things you could do to give your exterior an uplift and create a better curb appeal.


When you think of landscaping people tend to automatically think of dollar signs but that isn’t the case. It could be as simple as leveling the front yard out applying new soil, laying some new turf, and add some cost-effective planting. Doing a simple task like that can improve the curb appeal as opposed to having a muddy front yard.

Drive Way

A driveway seems like an obvious one but if you have had your property for a long period of time it will sometimes show its age. It could be as simple as refreshing its paint and putting a new sealant on your driveway and it can also be quite cost-effective.


If your property has a few trees in your front garden that is overgrown and possibly blocking the property. It is as simple as trimming them down, making them maintained, and letting your property be viewed instead of hidden.


Applying a feature to the front of your property and adding lighting can make a very positive impact on your curb appeal if it’s done correctly. At night time having that small feature with lighting added to your landscape can be a great impact. Having lighting on the front of your home is another idea and that can also be done cost-effectively.


No one wants to go to a property with weeds growing out the roofs and it looking worse for wear. Looking after your roof and keeping it in a good condition could potentially mean saving you having to replace the entire roof in the future but a good clean, maintained roof can impact your curb appeal.

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