Smoke Alarm Maintenance And Renter Safety Activity Instructions

Prior to the start of the Tenancy Agreement, the Rental Provider / Agent must provide the Renters with information about the maintenance of the Smoke Alarm Units in the property.

We have provided a list of resources, website links and examples of User Manuals to assist the Renter in obtaining the information they may require when maintaining the smoke alarms and meeting their obligations.

The Special Conditions listed below are taken from the Reliance Real Estate Rental Agreement Standard Special Conditions.


a./ The Rental Provider is required to provide the Renter in writing, prior to the commencement of the Tenancy Agreement the following information;

(i) information about how each smoke alarm in the rented premises operates;

(ii) information about how to test each smoke alarm in the rented premises;

(iii) information informing the Renter of their obligation NOT to tamper with any smoke alarms, and their obligation to provide written notice to the RRP / Agent as soon as practicable, if any smoke alarm in the rented premises is not in working order

b./ The Renter accepts and agrees to:

(i) test the Smoke Detector regularly (at least monthly) to ensure that it is working

(ii) contact the RRP / Agent, in writing, as soon as practicable once they become aware a smoke alarm is not working

(iii) contact the RRP / Agent if the smoke alarm omits an occasional chirping noise as the battery or smoke alarm may be faulty

(iv) not remove the smoke alarm, or place any item to cover over the smoke alarm during the Tenancy (i.e. foil. glad wrap, shower caps, plastic bags etc.)

c.) The Renter agrees to regularly test the Smoke Alarm, according to the manufactures guidelines & user manual instructions; such as:

(i) test the unit, to ensure proper operation, by pressing the Test / Hush button for at least 5 seconds (or until the unit sounds). This will sound the alarm if the electronic circuitry, horn, and battery are working

(ii) CAUTION: Due to the loudness (85 decibels) of the alarm, always stand an arms-length away from the unit when testing

(iii) if no alarm sounds, the unit has a defective battery or other failure. DO NOT use an open flame to test your alarm, you could damage the alarm or ignite combustible materials and start a fire

(iv) test the alarm regularly to ensure proper operation. Erratic or low sound (chirping) coming from your alarm may indicate a defective alarm

(v) IMPORTANT: The Smoke Alarm requires the power pack to have sufficient capacity of power to operate correctly. Should your Smoke Alarm enter a low power pack condition, the unit will emit an audible chirp once every 32 seconds. When this occurs, you must replace the battery immediately (Renter Responsibility). The Smoke Alarm will continue to warn of this low power pack condition for at least 30 days

(vi) failure to change the battery after this time would mean your Smoke Alarm may have insufficient power to alert you in a real fire situation

(vii) never ignore any alarm. Ignoring the alarm may result in injury or death. If your Smoke Alarm activates and alarms and you are NOT absolutely certain of the source of the smoke, get everyone out of the property immediately

(viii) use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush, vacuum all sides and covers of the Smoke Alarm Device

(ix) do not attempt to remove the cover to clean inside – this will affect the warranty

(x) test the Smoke Alarm for correct operation using the test facility whenever the battery is replaced. Use only 9V batteries for Smoke Alarm Battery replacement – Carbon Zinc Battery – Pairdeer 6F22

How do I stop a generic smoke alarm from continually chirping/beeping?

  • If no danger is present, press the hush button to silence the alarm
  • The alarm will beep frequently for approximately 8-10 minutes as it resets itself and returns to normal operation
  • If multiple alarms are interconnected, then you may have to press more than one hush button depending on the brand of the alarm
  • The alarm that sounded first will have a flashing red LED light
  • Please take note of this alarm as it will aid us in identifying the potentially faulty alarm
  • Sometimes it can take a while for the alarm to reset itself after the hush button has been pressed, which can cause beeping
  • If you are still having issues with your alarm, please contact your Agency and inform them of this issue and they will arrange for the RRP’s preferred Smoke
  • Alarm Company to service the property
  • If your issue has occurred after hours you may be able to find some information by identifying the brand of your alarm & instructions listed on the User Manuals located on the Agency website