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Throwback: The History Of Bacchus Marsh

August 25, 2020

Bacchus Marsh is located in the North-West of Melbourne, Victoria.

It is one of the fastest growing community and largest rural area within the Moorabool Shire. Over the years the town that was once so small has shown rapid growth within its community.

How did it come about that Bacchus Marsh was called Bacchus Marsh you may ask? Well, in fact it was back in 1838 when a gentleman first came here and that gentleman was Captain William Henry Bacchus, that’s where its name came from after he saw its value as it was situated on two rivers, the Lerderderg and Werribee. Captain William Henry Bacchus , a retired military office and magistrate died on 24th February 1849 at age 67.

Bacchus Marsh is well known for its harvesting, one of the main events that brings in many visitors year on year is the Bacchus Marsh Strawberry Festival that happens in November of each year. It is one of the events that brings so much joy to local farmers to sell local produce and a fantastic event enjoyed by all.

The Avenue of Honour, one of the many things of Bacchus Marsh that always makes you smile. Bacchus Marsh Road was called the Avenue of Honour back in August of 1918 when 281 Canadian Elm Trees were planted to commemorate who served in the First World War. Each tree that was planted had a plaque attached with names whom served. The Avenue of Honour is appreciated by all the local community and is known worldwide as it’s the last remaining Avenue that still has Canadian Elm trees.

Heritage Listed Sites:

  • Bacchus Marsh Avenue of Honour – Bacchus Marsh Road
  • Bacchus Marsh Court House – 123 Main Street
  • Bacchus Marsh Express Office and Printing Works – 8 Gisborne Road & 8 Church Street
  • Bacchus Marsh Police Station and Old Lock-Up – 119 Main Street
  • Blacksmith’s Cottage and Shop – 100-102 Main Street,
  • Ellerslie – 12 Ellerslie Court
  • Manor House – 28-32 Manor Street
  • Millbank – 37 Grant Street

Fun Facts

  • Prior to European settlement the area is thought to have been occupied by the Kurung Aborigines.
  • Judge Helen Richie from Dancing with the Stars calls Bacchus Marsh home
  • Home to AFL star Doug Hawkins
  • Travis Burns (Australian Actor) born in regional Bacchus Marsh
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