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Throwback: The History of Sunbury

January 28, 2021

Sunbury is a suburb 39km north-west of Melbourne, Victoria and is located within the City of Hume. According to the 2016 census, Synbury’s population was a total of 36,084.

Sunbury was first settled in 1836 by two gentleman George Evans and William Jackson. William and his brother Samuel were the ones to actually name the suburb after Sunbury-on-Thames in Middlesex, England.

The Rupertswood Mansion as pictured above which is also now Heritage Listed holds significance as the birthplace of The Ashes. The mansion was built back in 1876 and is known as the largest mansion built in Victoria in the 19th century. 

Heritage Listed Sites:

  • Rupertswood Mansion – 3 Macedon Street, Sunbury
  • Emu Bottom – 410 Racecourse Road, Sunbury
  • Rail Bridge – Over Blind Creek, Sunbury
  • Caloola (Former Sunbury Mental Hospital) – Sunbury

Fun Facts:

  • First Post Office to open in Sunbury was the 13th January 1858
  • Sunbury has numerous important Aboriginal sites including the five earth rings which were discovered in the 1970s and ’80s
  • The most famous and powerful citizen of the area was named Big Clarke
  • Sunbury is the birthplace of crickets most sought trophy “The Ashes”
  • Sunbury first got electricity replacing gas lighting in 1909
  • In 1994 Victoria University Sunbury campus first opened 
  • In 1989 Sunbury Square shopping centre first opened in  the area
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