About Vee

Initially embarking in a successful career in Education, Vee’s accommodating and developed skill set can be attributed to her prior professional endeavours. Nonetheless, Vee’s underlying passion for Real Estate eventually swayed her, leading her to Reliance. 

Her preceding experience established the foundations of Vee’s well developed people skills, and ability to engage and interact with clients professionally and promptly, making her an essential asset to the team at Reliance.

Coming from an industry where communication is similarly held to the highest of standards, it is of no surprise the exceptional level to which Vee exhibits. Vee understands the importance of direct and honest communication, with full transparency always conveyed between a client and their agent, therefore Vee always strives to deliver nothing less. 

Vee is renowned for her reliability, and her approachable and professional demeanour, where her contagious smile and positive attitude never fail to relay a full sense of trust and companionship to her client’s.