About Vik

Down-to-earth, friendly and good natured, Vik’s strong work ethic and determination coupled with his easy going disposition makes him the ideal real estate agent. It is for this reason he continues to be such a success.

You will be impressed with Vik’s dedication and commitment to obtain the best possible results for his clients. His persistence and sound judgment makes him well placed to represent your interests in the marketing of your property.

Buyers and Vendor's find Vik’s very reputable and sincere, as he has established himself as a trusted opinion within the Werribee estate market. He handles all purchase enquiries promptly and professionally whilst maintaining his focus as the seller’s agent. By entrusting the sale of your home to Vik you ensure open and clear communication at all stages of negotiation.

Determined to be the best, Vik’s impressive success transcends beyond simply knowing what the market is doing or merely selling a property. Vik invests time, energy, and sincerity into analysing why the market is where it is and importantly, what his client’s property goals are and the role he can play in optimising them. Vik inspires this mindset within his team and instils the importance of ensuring relationships with clients surpasses the facilitation of a property transaction.

Praised on his powerful negotiating skills combined with his understanding nature Vik has taken upon the new lead role as director in Werribee office. An enthusiast with an extensive set of knowledge not only inspires to drive our highly experienced, passionate team but leads them to fulfil their greatest potential


  • RRE - Director's Recognition Award 2017
  • RRE - Diamond Performers 2018
  • Reliance Awards – Platinum Performers 2019
  • RER Network Recognition - Diamond Performer 2021
  • Embracing Growth - 2021